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- The last frigate (US Navy Documentary: Full Length)

- US Aircraft Almost Crash by Falling From Aircaft Carrier: US Navy E-2C/ F/A-18/Etc... in Action

- US Military Future Aircraft 2016 - Stealth Bomber - The Stealth Bomber Technology Aircraft 2016 Published on Dec 15, 2015

- US Future Weapons 2016 - Next Future The US Marines Stealth Bomber Technology Aircraft 2016

- US Navy's New Super Frigate Will Be Armed with Some of the Most Lethal Weapons on the Planet | News

- U.S. Navy's Newest Nuclear #Submarines - The Future of Undersea Warfare

- BBC Full Documentary 2015 / The Largest Aircraft Carrier in The World

- The U.S. Navy’s New 21st Century $13 billion Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald Ford 2016

- If Japanese and China Went to War : 5 Japanese Weapons of War China Should Fear

- NEW Russian Fighter Jet MIG-35 / MIG-35D Compilation, Specs, & Info

- 11 Little Known Facts About The F-117 Nighthawk | F-117 Is Still Flying

- Incredible The U.S Navy's Master Plan to Crush Russia and China's Lethal Air Defenses

- Little Fact : Here Is Why the US Military Is Not In Panic Mode Over China's Carrier Killer Missiles

- America's F-35 vs Russia's S400 - Who wins ?

- B-1B Lancer launching from RAF Fairford 04.09.16

- Forget the J-20, F-22 and F-35, this is a real Super Maneuverable Fighter

- B-2s take off from RAF Fairford - 15/06/14

- Rockwell B-1 Lancer Bomber Setting Off Car Alarms On Takeoff

- The Bunker Busting Rockwell B-1 Lancer

- Buffalo präsentiert Netzwerkspeicher mit bis zu 24 TByte und Hardware-RAID

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