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Garden Grove: Community Backlash Against Approved Junket to China


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Posted By: Michael Nguyen November 18, 2016

Some Garden Grove officials, specifically Councilman Phat Bui, is facing criticism from a vocal faction within the Vietnamese community, for their approval and scheduled trip to Shanghai, China.

In an open Vietnamse-language letter dated on November 7, 2016, members of a community group headed by Phat Bui, demanded that their leader “consult with them first prior to making any sensitive decision that could affect the reputation of the organization”, and “withdraw his yes vote on authorization to send a Garden Grove delegation to China”.

BACKGROUND: Due to China’s ongoing aggression in the South China Sea and other territorial disputes that this country may have with Vietnam, any official interaction with the Chinese government from city officials in Little Saigon is frown upon by anti-Communist Vietnamese activists.

In addition to his Garden Grove councilman position, Phat Bui also happens to be president of a leading anti-Communist group in Little Saigon. Occasionally the two roles conflict with each other.



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