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Paracel Spratly Islands History (Hoàng Sa Trường Sa lẽ phải thuộc về dân tộc Việt-Nam)

Quốc kỳ Việt Nam Cộng Hòa

The 21st century white paper on Paracels (aka Hoàng Sa; Xisha), Spratly (aka Trường Sa; Nansha; Sansha) islands of the Republic of Vietnam


To: The world leader – The world of Ocean Protection - world map Organizations - International and Vietnamese media - The Vietnamese people 

Please find enclosed these documents ''for your information". We sincerely appreciate your help for the Environmental Right, the Human Rights, the Peaceful to the Southeast Asia Sea and the Vietnam sea: Freedom, Democracy and Sovereignty of Vietnam. Respectfully yours with sincere gratitude.

Wir erlauben uns, Ihnen für alle Fälle dieses Dokument zu übermitteln. Ihre Hilfe ist ausserordentlich schätzenswert, die anstrebt das Umweltrecht, die Menschenrechte, Freiheit, Demokratie und Souveränität in Vietnam zu erreichen. Mit bestem Dank und vorzüglicher Hochachtung.

Nous nous permettons de VOUS transmettre ces documents ''à toutes fins utiles''. Nous apprécions infiniment votre aide visant à obtenir le droit de l'environnement, des droits de l'homme, la Liberté, la Démocratie et la Souveraineté du VietNam. Avec nos sentiments respectueux et dévoués.

January 19, 2018, 44 th Anniversary battle of the Paracels islands (Jan 19, 1974 – Jan 19, 2018); 50th Anniversary of the Hue Massacre (January 29, 1968 – January 29, 2018); 43th Commemorated black april (30-04-1975_30-04-2018); and Anniversary 1070th years of the Bach Dang river battle/victory (December, 938 – December, 2018)


xisha, nansha, sansha islands, Hoàng Sa, Trường Sa Viet Nam

Paracels, Spratlys islands is part of the Vietnam Sea and the Vietnam Sea obviously isn't the South China Sea.

The Paracel islands, Spratly islands belong to the Vietnamese people; not Chinese this decade.

No South China Sea on the Vietnam Sea map; Our Vietnam Sea is part of the Southeast Asian Sea and not part of the South China Sea.


The Vietnamese archipelagoes of Hoang Sa (aka Paracels; Xisha) and Truong Sa (aka Spratlys; Sansha, Nansha) are both situated in the Southeast Asian Sea off the Republic of Vietnam's shore;

China is a big threat for the peace and stabilization in Southeast Asia region and the whole world as well;

No militarization processes allowed on our Paracels, Spratly islands and vicinities;

China must retreat immediately from ours Paracels, Spratly islands, and our Vietnam East Sea;

Beijing China must accept Hague ruling on Vietnam sea (Southeast Asia Sea) case;

No Human rights, no Environmental Rights, no Freedom, no Democracy, no trade with China. 

No Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic.

Co-edited:Co-edited: SOS Vietnam (Dang Phuong Nghi_http://sosvietnam.net); The Vietnamese American Science & Technology Society – VAST and the Vietnamese Environmental Protection Society – VEPS (https://maithanhtruyet.blogspot1.com; https://www.facebook.com/envirovn); The Government de Jure of the Republic of Vietnam in North America, Europe and Australia (http://vietnamconghoaphapdinh.com/); The ‘Committee to prosecute all Vietnamese communist criminals of war (http://uybantruyto.com); Paracels forum-The discussions procedd for peace (Vu Huu San - http://paracels.freetzi.com/); Vu Huu San water world (http://vanminhnuoc.freetzi.com/); Diep My Linh (http://diepmylinh.com); Viet Ecology foundation (http://vietecology.org); The maritime historical library (http://xishananshaislands.org); The Vietnam sovereignty forum (http://vietnamparacels.org); The Vietnamsea social networking (http://vietnamsea.org); http://vnafmamn.com website; The Vietnamese Historical Association



- Preface


- Contents

3 - 4

- Timeline of Ancient VietNam - By Vu Huu

5 - 6

- Vietnam Water Culture - By Vu Huu San

7 - 10

- Questions about History ?

11 - 12

- Vietnamese Culture v/s Chinese Culture – By Vu Huu San

13 - 14

- Paracels - Legends of the Vietnamese Watery Realm - By Vu Huu San

15 - 16

- Vietnam Sovereignty - By Vu Huu San

17 - 23

- Chinese-Perfect Strangers of the Eastern Sea - By Vu Huu San

24 - 34

- The Paracels and Spratly islands history - By Dong tinh hoai Ngo; English version by V.G.Tran

35 - 36

- The President Ngo Dinh Diem to maintain sovereignty over the “East” Sea especially the Paracel and Spratly Islands - By Dong tinh hoai Ngo; En version by V.G.Tran

37 - 38

- Hoang Sa 1974 Naval Battle – By Do Kiem's Views

39 - 44

- Battle for the Paracel islands 1974 – By vnafmamn.com

45 - 57

- A tribute to the navy of the Republic of Vietnam – By vnafmamn.com    

58 - 65

- Republic of Vietnam's White Paper on Paracel and Spratlys islands (1974-1975)

66 - 100

- Proclamation by the Government of the Republic of Vietnam (1974)


- China Propaganda - By Luu Van Loi

102 - 113

- Bauxite Central Highlands is the real Chinese Domination – By Mai Thanh Truyet

114 - 120

- Communist China’s Roads Towards The South – By Mai Thanh Truyet

121 - 125

- Call to all lovers of justice and freedom, nature and Democracy  - By Dang Phuong Nghi

126 - 142

- S.O.S. VIETNAM En danger de génocide et d’annexion par la Chine - par Dang Phuong Nghi

143 - 153

- Upheaval in East Asia Sea: Progress of the stranglehold of China on the Paracel and Spratly at the expense of Vietnam - By Dang Phuong Nghi

154 - 161

- La mer méridionale de l’Asie de l’Est en ébullition: Progression de la mainmise de la Chine sur les Paracels et les Spratlys aux dépens du Vietnam par Dang Phuong Nghi

162 - 170

- Open letter to the President Donald Trump by The Government de Jure of the Republic of Vietnam in North America, Europe and Australia

171 - 174

- Lettre ouvert au President Donald Trump par Le Gouvernement De Jure de la République du Vietnam

175 - 178

- Qing dynasty map dated 1904 does not included Vietnam Paracels Spratlys Islands - Mai Hồng – Autor; English version by V.G. Tran; Dai Viet Tran–Updated

179 - 181

- Indisputable Historical Facts: French has proved that Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands are Vietnam’s sovereignty - English version by V.G. Tran; Source: NGUYEN VAN MUI’s blog    

182 - 185

- The European Union: Stop the one belt one road initiative and TGV Pekin-Geneva in 10 days from China. Re-edited by vietnamparacels.org open forum; En version V.G.Tran

186 - 188


189 - 198

- Chinese Communists destroy ecological environment by dredging the Ocean by V.G.Tran

199 - 207

- Open letter to Sundar Pichai CEO of Google Inc., Jen Fitzpatrick Vice President of Maps and Local of Google Inc., Eric E. Schmidt Executive Chairman of Google Inc.: no south China sea on Vietnam sea map, May 21, 2017

208 - 213

- Cam Ranh fishermen’s Urgent Request Submittal (4th trial) - English version by Van Giang Tran

214 - 218

- No South China Sea on the Vietnam Sea: Letter to Donald Trump and Chinese communist Xi Jinping at US-Sino Summit April 6-7, 2017

219 - 224

- No China globalization, Zürich, Bern, Graubunden (Davos) Switzerland January 15-20, 2017

225 - 227

- Peaceful Declaration for the World’s Contested Sea in 2016 - China Must Go

228 - 230

- Campaign to Rename the ‘South China Sea’ into ‘Vietnam Sea.'

231 - 234

- It is time to rename the South China Sea

235 - 236

- The Vietnamese historical association denounces the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping for its crime against human beings, of aggression and of genocide toward the Vietnamese ethnic, the Tibetans, Falun Gong and Philippines

237 - 250

- Protest against installing the statue of Ho Chi Minh at Mimasaka, Japan (English, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Deutsch, Norwegian)

251 - 257

- Hue Massacre, Tet 1968 - By  http://ngothelinh.tripod.com/Hue.html  

258 - 267

- In memory of Hue, Tet 1968 by Vietnam bulletin (1970)

268 - 272

- Hue massacre 1968 Reposted from VietQuoc Homepage andCompiled by Pueng Vongs CaliToday News Report November 4, 2003

273 - 276




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